Tallowwood Decking

Tallowwood [Eucalyptus Microcorys] – Due to its nature in its exceptional durability, unique color, and dense grain structure, this timber is highly sought after by architects.

It mostly ranges from yellowish brown with a hint of olive green and beautiful growth rings.

Janka Rating 8.6

Additional Information:

Size: 136 x 19, 86 x 19

Length: Random

Grade: Standard & Better

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At Greenhill Timbers, we recognise the importance of high quality flooring, and our goal is to source the best kinds of flooring in Australia and abroad, with talllowwood decking being just one of the varieties of timber that we offer our customers.

Tell me more about talllowwood decking

Our tallowwood decking is an exceptionally durable timber that comes in a unique array of colours due to its dense grain structure. Our clients have loved this tallowwood decking in Melbourne for years and it continues to be a very popular flooring option for homes across Australia.

Its colours range from a yellow/brownish tone and it boasts a delicate hint of olive green with the most stunning growth rings throughout. The unique properties of tallowwood flooring make it a much sought after timber by architects throughout Australia and beyond.

What are the benefits of tallowwood decking?

Tallowwood decking timber is regarded as a very good investment, with the following being just some of the key benefits that come with installing Tallowwood hardwood decking in your Melbourne home:

  • It is highly resistant to dampness, making it the ideal timber for outdoor spaces and a good option for indoor spaces too
  • It features a moderately coarse texture which is why it is sustainable to harsh conditions
  • The delicate colours of tallowwood hardwood decking make it a versatile option for any home or business setting, as it blends with all kinds of styles and designs
  • A lot of our customers have used tallowwood decking to decorate their pool areas, as it has all the properties that are needed to withstand water and heavy footfall
  • As tallowwood decking suppliers in Melbourne we offer insanely competitive prices all year round
  • It’s so durable that it has often been used in the construction of bridges

Why you should choose Greenhill Timbers for your tallowwood decking?

Having been in this industry for years, we are industry experts and offer you a wealth of knowledge. We’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you and speak with you about whether tallowwood would be a good option for your flooring and/or decking area.

You can reach out to us today by calling us on 03 9465 9875 or popping us over an email to info@greenhillltimbers.com.au.

We can offer you a free quote based on your requirements and you can be sure that your quote will be based on the best tallowwood decking prices in all of Melbourne as our commitment to providing value for money to our customers is very important to us.

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