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Merbau Steps Melbourne

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Merbau is one of the most in-demand materials for flooring and decking. However, the applications of this timber material don’t end there. Beautiful Merbau wood lends itself perfectly to steps and stairways both indoors and outdoors.

Merbau steps provide the perfect pathway to access the rear garden or lower levels of commercial and residential properties.

At Greenhill Timbers, we are the leading supplier of Merbau timber steps Melbourne wide and delight in demonstrating the stunning applications that can be achieved on your next project.

More and more, architects and homeowners are reaching out to our team to discover the extent of the design possibilities of Merbau timber and explore the best range of Merbau stair steps Melbourne has to offer.

This elusive wood material makes for an obvious choice for stairway and steps for a number of reasons:

Ensure Continuity of Design

A popular use of Merbau stairs and Merbau posts is to ensure continuity of design, with Merbau stair steps used to create an entrance that flows naturally down to or down from a Merbau floor or decking area.

The Merbau stairways/steps therefore offer a natural complement to design of the indoor or outdoor area.

Withstand Continuous Footfall

Steps and stairways need to be built to withstand years of heavy, continuous footfall, especially in commercial properties.

Merbau stairways and steps not only offer an eye-catching design but they offer an unbeatable level of durability that few materials can compare to.

Merbau steps and stairs provide the durability and stability needed to provide a supportive walkway for many decades.

Matching Posts and Handrails

There can be a common misconception that merbau can only be used in steps or flooring. However the use of this in-demand material also extends to include laminated Merbau posts and even Merbau handrail options.

That means that every aspect of your stairways or steps can be built from Merbau.

Maintain A Stunning Appearance

Unlike other stair and step materials, the beauty of Merbau timber posts and steps only continues to strengthen as the years pass. The material is naturally termite resistant which is really important, as termites often like to nest themselves in steps and stairs. Merbau is also scratch resistant so it can withstand heavy traffic and continue to maintain a beautiful appearance. As the material comes in a range of different colours from bright yellows to alluring reddish-browns, there is no need for consistent re-painting.

Keen to explore how Merbau stairs can play a key aesthetic and functional role in your next project?

Call the Greenhills Timber team today to explore the possibilities and to learn about the different sizes and prices on offer.

We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service and the most affordable Merbau steps prices Melbourne wide.