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We have a variety of screens with different profiles that you could use to build your screen including natural timber, bamboo screens and plastic composites. Bamboo garden edgings also available.

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Timber Screening Melbourne

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Who doesn’t love timber screening? It’s elegant, beautiful, and enhances the privacy of your home. For timber screening in Melbourne, you can find everything you need at Greenhill Timbers. 

Since 2007 we have been a leading provider of decorative timber screens in Melbourne. We have achieved that status by providing what may be the most excellent timber screening prices for Melbourne and the surrounding areas.  Of course there’s much more to it than just our great timber screens prices. Melbourne is a huge, sprawling city where most people live in suburbs with low-rise fully detached buildings.

Outdoor Timber Screening in Melbourne

Using outdoor timber screening in Melbourne is highly recommended because it allows you to reclaim your privacy. In this digital age, when apparently nobody is safe from being recorded by snooping cameras, anything you can do to improve privacy for your home and family must be regarded as a positive achievement. Timber screens are definitely one part of the solution.

Our range includes one of the largest selections of timber screening panels in Melbourne, with a wide variety of different styles available to suit every taste and budget. So when you need timber screens in Melbourne, your best source for these products is Greenhill Timbers.

The best thing about living in Melbourne is the great climate, which invites celebration outdoors. Timber screens shield the view of your yard, making it more difficult for people to pry into your life. The addition of a timber screen is also a security enhancement for your home, because it raises the height of your fence, making it more difficult to climb.

With property crimes on the increase in Melbourne, it’s worth thinking about all the different things you can do to make your home more secure. Certainly a timber screen alone isn’t going to do a huge amount in terms of security, but if used in conjunction with other security enhancements, it will decrease the chance of your home being targeted by criminals looking for an easy score.

Privacy screens are now available in a variety of materials, not only including natural timber but also other natural source materials, and even synthetics. Which one is right for you depends on your own personal preferences. In general, timber will require more maintenance than synthetics, but it also can have a more pleasing appearance. 

Greenhill Timbers stocks all the different screening choices, including synthetics, natural timber, and other materials, providing you with a great range of choice. You may even find all the choices a bit overwhelming, in which case if you would like advice, it is as simple as chatting to our friendly staff that will be most happy to assist you in any way they can.

Australian Eucalyptus Screening 70×14

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Australian Eucalyptus is an Australian alternative to Merbau or Spotted Gum. Australian Eucalyptus is a mixed species that contains many Australian timber species including Spotted Gum, Tallowwood, Red Gum and Blackbutt. Available only in 5.7 Finger joint Laminate (FJL) pieces it’s perfect for your screening or fencing, you can’t go wrong. Read More