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Pine Decking

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Year in, year out, pine decking remains consistently one of our most popular hardwood decking timbers. The expert Greenhill Timbers team note that strong demand for pine decking timber comes from both architects and homeowners purchasing direct.

Our promise has always been to offer the finest timber decking from Australia and internationally at the lowest prices and this promise extends especially to our pine decking solutions.

We are proud to offer a range of different pine decking lengths and options to meet the needs of any commercial or residential project.

Why is the demand for timber pine for decking so consistently strong? Pine offers a number of undeniable benefits as a decking material:


As timber decking materials go, pine is always one of the most affordable options. However, just because pine decking might be cheap, don’t be concerned that it won’t offer long-term value and return on investment.

As leading pine decking Melbourne suppliers, we can attest that you will get many years of enjoyment and value from a pine deck and it will certainly prove an investment that you get plenty of use from.

Easy to shape, cut, stain and carve

Pine is a really easy material to work with and can be shaped, cut, stained and carved to meet a variety of specific design requirements.

You don’t need to pre-drill any holes like some other decking timbers. In fact, a pine deck is among one of the fastest and easiest decking solutions to install.

Renewable resource

Contractors, architects and homeowners alike are all very conscious nowadays about the environmental sustainability of the building materials used in construction projects.

Pine is one of the more eco-friendly timbers in Australia as it is harvested in plantations rather than from state forests, making it a far less scarce resource than other timbers.


Opting for an affordable pine deck doesn’t mean you will be purchasing timber decking with minimal durability.

In fact, pine decking offers an excellent level of durability, no matter what the level of foot traffic is. Once it is properly installed and maintained, you will enjoy many years of entertainment on your decking.

A simple yet beautiful aesthetic

Pine offers a simple yet classically beautiful aesthetic. The natural patterns and grains have widespread appeal and serve to complement any design theme.

Interested in learning more about our pine decking solutions? Want to enquire about pine decking prices or pine decking sizes?

Our team are on hand to discuss any queries you may have. We would be happy to explore your needs and to discuss how our high quality pine timber can help to ensure a cost-effective solution for your project.

Trust the best pine deck Melbourne supplier to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Trust Greehill Timbers.

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Merbau Decking Melbourne

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Merbau is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, native to the Indo-Pacific regions. This species of timber has a very high durability as well as termite-resistant, making it highly valued material for house interior and flooring. It varies from bright yellow through to pale to dark reddish brown. It has moderate coarse but even texture, with a slight interlocked grain producing a ribbon figure on the radical surface. Read More

Iron Bark Decking

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About Ironbark

IronBark [Eucalyptus Crebra] is one of Australia’s highest quality timbers for ironbark flooring Melbourne. It is particularly hard, strong and durable. It is a versatile timber, which is mainly used for outdoor decking use. This is because it is a fire resistant timber, making it an appropriate use in bushfire prone areas. The timber is also popular to customers because of its resistant to lyctid borers and termites.


Another reason why ironbark decking Melbourne is popular, is because of the timbers appearance. The stunning array of hues ranges from pale brown through to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red.

Additional information

Janka Rating 14.0.

Additional Information:

Size: 136 x 19, 86 x 19

Length: Random

Grade: Standard & Better


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Deck Master provides a Decking System that is not only  Secret Fixed  but also  End Matched. A Faster, Stronger and More Durable Deck gives the home owner peace of mind. Combining innovative products such as the  T.C. Gun Stainless Steel Clip, Scrail & Deck Bone brings together the Ultimate Concealed Timber Decking System. Read More

Blackbutt Decking

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About Blackbutt:

Blackbutt [Eucalyptus Pilularis] is one of Australia’s common, wild trees and one of the most commonly used trees for timber production. Nothing can compare to natural timber and the Blackbutt wood has the perfect appearance and properties for getting more than the job done!


The hardwood is a light pale straw, hardy and versatile. The Blackbutt decking Melbourne from Greenhill Timbers resembles the tree perfectly, with the exact colour and feel. However, each fiber in the plank varies and therefore causing the appearance of the timber to vary as well, but this is part of using natural materials. Lots of timber professionals recommend Blackbutt, for these factors, as well its figure and suitability for staining, which makes it great for indoor use. As for outdoor use, Blackbutt is equally popular, as its natural durability and strength make it an excellent choice.

Blackbutt flooring Melbourne-additional information:

Fire resistant rate: BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire retardant treatment.

Janka Rating 9.1

Size: 136 x 19, 86 x 19

Length: Random

Grade: Standard & Better