Keruing Decking Melbourne

Keruing is a large hardwood of South-East Asia, the Philippines and the Indian subcontinent.

It’s colour is generally pale to dark reddish brown and it’s grain is usually straight but may be slightly interlocked, resulting in some stripe figure on the radial surface.

Keruing is low maintenance and can be used for decking, outdoor furniture or construction purposes.

Please Note: This timber is only recommended in undercover situations, ie Pergolas. Keruing Decking contains oleoresins and will extrude onto surfaces during drying or when exposed to heat or sunshine when in use.

It’s classed as durability class 2 & 3.

Janka Rating 5.6

Additional Information

Size: 140×19, 90×19

Length: Random or Set lengths between 1.5-3.9 MT, 1.5-4.05 MT, 1.5-5.1 MT

Grade: Standard & Better