Blackbutt Decking

About Blackbutt:

Blackbutt [Eucalyptus Pilularis] is one of Australia’s common, wild trees and one of the most commonly used trees for timber production. Nothing can compare to natural timber and the Blackbutt wood has the perfect appearance and properties for getting more than the job done!


The hardwood is a light pale straw, hardy and versatile. The Blackbutt decking Melbourne from Greenhill Timbers resembles the tree perfectly, with the exact colour and feel. However, each fiber in the plank varies and therefore causing the appearance of the timber to vary as well, but this is part of using natural materials. Lots of timber professionals recommend Blackbutt, for these factors, as well its figure and suitability for staining, which makes it great for indoor use. As for outdoor use, Blackbutt is equally popular, as its natural durability and strength make it an excellent choice.

Blackbutt flooring Melbourne-additional information:

Fire resistant rate: BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire retardant treatment.

Janka Rating 9.1

Size: 136 x 19, 86 x 19

Length: Random

Grade: Standard & Better