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Quality Timber

If you’re looking for high-quality timber at Melbourne’s best prices – whether you’re a tradesman, architect or simply looking to renovate your own home – Green Hill Timbers can help you source the perfect lumber for your next project.

Find the Perfect Wood for Any Project

Choose from over 30 different types of wood for flooring alone – Spotted Gum, Black butt, Eucalyptus, Chestnut, Jarrah, Red Gum, Tasmanian Oak… and much more. All at ultra-competitive prices. Sometimes we even do custom lengths for certain types of timbers.

All this means you’ll be able to find the right timber (at the right price) for any project – no matter the size and scale.

Build Your Dream Project With the Help of Our Expert Staff

Our staff pride themselves on being able to help you get exactly the type of timber you need. Whether you are a tradie who know exactly what you need and looking for a competitive deal, or it is your first time walking in a timber yard.

We consider price, durability, look, finish… and combine that with what you tell us, to help you find the right timber at the right price.

And, if you need a builder as well as timber, we can provide that too.

Enjoy The Peace Of Mind Of A Complete ‘Purchase to Finish’ Packages

Take advantage of one of our full service deals and we’ll take care of everything.

You’ll get expert advice on the perfect style of wood for your project — whether you need beautiful timber flooring, a floating deck or a wrapped staircase. We’ll show you all your options.

All you need to do is choose what you like best, and we’ll take it from there.

We’ll deliver your wood directly to your door. We’ll organise highly-skilled tradesman to build your project at your convenience. And in a few weeks, you’ll have a beautiful new flooring or deck with zero stress.



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Trusted Timber Supplier of Tennis Australia, RMIT and ‘The Cloud House’

Green Hill Timbers is a trusted supplier for clients like Tennis Australia and RMIT. And our timber was used to build ‘The Cloud House’, which won Melbourne Design Awards 2012 and Architecture Residential Constructed Winner.


What’s more, all our product is backed by a full manufacturers guarantee. So you can feel safe in your purchase. And in the knowledge that our top-quality timber will stand the test of time.

5 More Reasons to Choose Green Hill Timbers For Your Next Project

  1. Get your timber packed, wrapped AND loaded into your vehicle on-site… as a Green Hill customer you won’t have to wrap your timber… or lug it to your vehicle after you’ve purchased it…
  2. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your timber needs… get dozens of types of wood – imported and local… and the right cuts for any project… decking, flooring, cladding, posts, fencing and more…
  3. ULTRA competitive pricing – we’ll often save you hundreds… even thousands of dollars on the same materials versus other timber suppliers…
  4. ‘Transparent’ quotes: unlike some of our competitors, we give you the whole picture when we quote you… no nasty surprises down the track…
  5. Our industry best, expert staff can help you find the perfect to timber to match your house or outdoor area… with no pressure, no hard-selling… just a relaxed chat to find out exactly what you need…

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There’s no obligation of course. And we promise there’ll be no hard-sell and no continued contact if we don’t have what you’re after.

We aren’t ‘salesmen’. We’d like to become the timber supplier you come to in the future. And a business you feel comfortable referring your friends to. So we focus on building a relationship, rather than just trying to make the sale.

Here’s what will happen when you request a quote…
  • Step 1
    We’ll contact you for a friendly chat and find out what you need.
  • Step 2
    Once we know what you’re after, we’ll provide you with a quote and any samples you request.
  • Step 3
    If you’re happy with the price and the product, you can organise to fulfil the order. We can even have it delivered straight to you.

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Merbau Timber, Hardwood Decking & Builders Melbourne

Greenhill Timbers specialize in imported timbers for your outdoor and indoor requirements. From your solid timber flooring, to your engineered floating floors, to your outdoors decking, we have it all covered

Our materials are sourced from quality certified resources from all over the globe, from locally in Australia to South-East Asia, just to name a couple.

You can be ensured we have modern products available in the market so you can be guaranteed that your new project is the latest in both design and functionality.

Our team at Greenhill Timbers is one of the most knowledgeable in the timber industry. Pay us a visit at our warehouse at 170 Settlement Rd Thomastown and ask anything and our experience selling timber will show.

Is it time for you to have a change in your outdoor space? Are you ready to modernise and create a style for your garden? With all the warm weather in Melbourne you’ve been dreaming of sitting outside relaxing with your feet up but, you simply have nowhere to do this. Not anymore, take a look out of your windows and imagine not only having that fresh green grass but also having a made to measure practical multipurpose decking area bringing contrast and individuality to your space.

Do you like to soak up the sun or invite friends over for a barbeque at the end of a long day? With timber decking, Melbourne gardens stand out from the crowd. Yours can be one of them. You will be able to find and plan the perfect place for you to enjoy your favourite summer activities, even if it is simply chatting over a chilled glass of wine.

When looking for timber hardwood decking, Melbourne has loads of suppliers. Greenhill started our journey over twenty years ago in the building construction industry and hence Greenhill Timbers is the best timber supplier in Melbourne. This means we’ve learnt first-hand the best types of timber to give you excellent quality but also at a price which will make you smile on those hot summer days when you are taking full advantage of your new space.

Best Timber Supplier Melbourne

Take a stroll around your garden and think about what it is you are searching for, would you like a slightly more modern and lighter wood? If yes have a look at Silvertop ash decking which is seen as simple to work with and comes in a variety of light shades including a pinkish colour. Perhaps you are looking for a more rustic woodland cabin feel? If this interests you, you should take a look at treated pine decking. This decking is treated with fungicide and insecticide which keeps potential wood-destroying organisms at bay for an unbeatable amount of time giving your new decking a very long life. Pine is a brilliant wood which blends perfectly with all surroundings including your house and back garden.

If you search for decking Melbourne you will have so many options available to you and, there has never been a better time to treat yourself to your very own unique decking. With the ever changing climate and ever growing possibility of yet another drought in Melbourne, why not cut down the size of your lawn. This will only be a positive action; you will be able to spend less time focusing on keeping the grass a bright shade of green and more time focusing on what to cook on the barbeque for your friends and family. Invest in a quality timber decking and you will also be helping with water conservation, let it enhance your garden and lifestyle.

At Greenhill we want to help you create your dream garden whether it involves decking, screening or creating a brand new level using stairs. We have a brilliant team who will be on hand to answer your questions and give expert advice. Take a look around and plan your perfect space with us the best timber supplier in Melbourne… Hide Content